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The venting system of your furnace or heating system needs annual cleaning, inspection and maintenance, too. Although the particulate build-up is not as great as a fireplace or stove, the connections that vent your unit need to be removed and cleaned out. 

As an experienced tradesman and chimney sweep, Chimney Masters cleans all types of furnace and heating venting systems, not just wood burning fireplace flues. The furnace and hot water heater flue can become blocked, posing a potential fire or carbon monoxide hazard which can spell danger for your home and your family. Clean and inspected flues perform better and increases your heating efficiency when it is properly maintained.

Ensuring that a flue is properly sized for a furnace or water heater is an essential to making sure that harmful flue gasses from furnaces and water heaters are properly vented away from the home. Advances in energy efficiency have created a perfect storm for improperly venting gas furnaces and water heaters–as homes become tighter and tighter to air exchange to the outside in order to keep the warm air in and the cold air out (or vice versa in the summer time), homes develop negative air pressure relative to the outside. 

This means that cold air from outside is trying to force its way down your furnace flue, which can push exhaust from the furnace back into the house. Combine this with increasingly efficient gas heating units, which put out less total exhaust (since they burn less fuel) at lower temperatures (since more of the heat from combustion goes into the house), and you have a situation where the furnace may vent poorly or not at all. Poorly venting furnaces can result in a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the home that is deadly to humans and pets. This can be fixed by relining with a smaller size flue liner, ensuring the best possible ventilation for your gas units.

Chimney Masters, located in Overland Park Kansas, provides the greater Kansas City with premium chimney sweep services. To schedule a fireplace/chimney sweeping and/or inspection – call us today.

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