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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

  • Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned? +

    Cleaning your rain gutter system is an important part of your home’s routine maintenance. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the walls & lead to both exterior and interior damage. Standing water in a clogged gutter is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a concern with the spring West Nile virus & EEE season.

    In the winter clogged gutters freeze into heavy blocks of ice causing your gutters to pull away from your home, shorting the gutter systems lifespan & creating an overhead ice hazard & can lead to large ice dams & icicles.
  • How Often Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned? +

    This is one of those questions that depend on your specific location and the amount of trees. Many residences can suffice with a yearly gutter cleaning. Some, without many nearby tall trees, can go longer, possibly two to four years between cleanings. Others, in more densely treed areas, require multiple cleaning per year.

    Aside from the gutters capacity to hold water and debris as mentioned above, there is still the corrosive, rusting aspect of gutters filled with decaying organic matter. Additionally, very full and overflowing gutters increase the risk of roof and window leaks. Unless your house has extenuating circumstances, yearly cleaning is the best bet and a good starting interval.
  • When is the best time to have my gutters cleaned? +

    The following are recommended times to clean your gutters. Because weather patterns are different each year a range is given for each cleaning.

    Spring – Between April & end of June to rid your gutters of an accumulation of fall & winter debris.

    In addition, some of the tender tree foliage is blown off the trees along with blossoms & pollen strings which because of their consistency will clog gutters causing them to hold water, providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.

    Mid to Late Summer – August through September because, despite the fact that most leaves are firmly attached to the trees, some still come down & end up in the gutters. Thunderstorms, strong winds & drought, all are strong contributors to large accumulations of leaves, pine needles, sticks & debris during the summer.

    Early Fall – October through November, leaves & needles quickly accumulate in your gutters & their sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleared.

  • How can I repair damage to my gutter system caused by ice dams and heavy snow? +

    The wear & tear from ice dams & heavy snow can lead to the end of most gutter systems causing the gutters and downspouts to pull away and cause the corners, seams and end caps to leak. Extend the life of your gutter system with our “Tune-Up” service consisting of re-nailing/screwing loose gutters & downspouts, we add gutter hangers & screws where needed, resealing all corners, end caps, seams, & outlets, replace missing parts and reconnect disconnected parts. Please call us for a quote to have your gutter system tuned.
  • Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned? +

    No, you do not. We will call you the day before to remind you we are coming. All debris from the gutters will be cleaned up and bagged. An invoice and convenient return addressed envelope will be left at the time of service and we will call and notify you the work was completed. If there are any problems with the gutters that need further attention we will notify you to arrange an estimate at a mutually convenient time for you. All we ask is that you remit payment within 10 days of service.
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